About Us

We are a group of Singaporean undergrads who loves travelling around in search for hidden gems of eateries, restaurants and cafes, and whom like to share our awesome experiences with everyone. Thus, Sixmealsperday is born!

M.T., Swee, John Smith, V.F.P and Skywill be food hunters and share upcoming new food events and promotions.

Gen Lee will be sharing her baking experiences and healthy food.

We call ourselves Six Meals Per Day because we explore for eating places during pockets of free time we have wherever we are throughout the day, encompassing all possible meal timings round the clock; breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea time, dinner and supper. We are passionate to guide people to find good food throughout the six mealtimes in all kinds of places.

Our aim is to provide honest and non-biased review of everything including service, ambience and food. We make ourselves anonymous in order to review from a customer’s point of view. We will be covering all types of places, both food and drinks, and soon we will include overseas eateries too.

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