[NEW!] Airfree Air Purifiers that require NO filters and NO maintenance, now available in Singapore!

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Want an Air purifier that helps you clean the air in your home, but do not want the hassle of maintenance? There is one solution! Officially launched in Singapore less than a month ago, these Airfree Air Purifiers are capable of destroying 99% of airborne allergens (such as bacteria, viruses, ozone, mites, dust allergens, etc) , without the need of any filters hence no maintenance is required! The Airfree Air Purifiers can improve the lives of more sensitive people such as the elderly, children and people who suffer from allergies.

How it works:

Without the need for filters and maintenance means that the machine has to sustain on its own and somehow remove the bad quality air from itself and the room. This can be done with a special technology that reduce air pollution by burning the microorganisms within the machine. The contaminated air is drawn into the Airfree ceramic core and destroyed at high temperatures. Furthermore this purification cycle produces no sound and requires no maintenance.

Why Heat?

The process of Virus inactivation through heat causes viruses to become inactive or die when exposed to high temperatures. For example the HIV virus in the blood will die when exposed to 77°C for only 0.006 seconds and SARS virus will become inactivated in temperatures of 55°C. When exposed to 65°C for 45minutes, the infection capacity and effectiveness of the respiratory syncytial virus (the main cause of wheezing in children less than 2 years old) will be decreased.

The Airfree TSS™ ceramic core has an internal temperature of 200°C. With a higher temperature, the speed of denaturing proteins will be faster hence more effective in inactivating viruses.

Types of Air Purifier and where to use:

Airfree Lotus ($898.00) series is aesthetically designed like a lotus, where it can change colours and open it’s petals like a lotus. This version has a large capacity of 60m2 , suitable for the living room and the master bedroom.

The Airfree E60 ($398.00) is the solution to asthma, respiratory allergies and mould. It has a smaller capacity of 23m2, good to keep your shoes, leather products and clothes mould free.

There is also a BabyAir series ($418.00) that is effective in reducing indoor air pollution and helps reduce the risk of newborns and young children developing allergies. It has a capacity of 21m2 and is great in children’s bedroom.

The P series ($478.00) has the highly efficient air sterilising technology with a dimmer-controlled blue nightlight. It has a capacity of 32m2, and is perfect for placing it on a desk in the work area.

These are some of the air purifier versions that Airfree offer. More versions of the air purifier can be found in the website: http://www.airfree.uk.com/Air-Purifiers-1/Domestic-Air-Purifiers

Airfree Air Purifiers are available NOW at Popular, Harvey Norman, Hachi Tech Online, Audio House, Hwee Seng Online, Qoo10.



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