[NEW!] Burger Monster @ Jurong East MRT

People living (or working/studying) in the west, check out this NEW Korean fast food restaurant called Burger Monster, opened by the people behind Chicken Up! Located conveniently at Jurong East MRT Station, Burger Monster offers very affordable and large sized burgers, free-flow drinks and even a GIGANTIC burger “MONSTER BURGER” (cost $20.00+) that can feed at least 4 people!

To get the free-flow drinks, just top-up $3.00. Alternatively, you can make your main dish a set meal of free-flow drinks with fries/garlic rice and side FOR ONLY $5.00! Choices of free-flow drinks includes dispensable fanta orange, iced lemon tea, coke and sprite.

You will be surprised by the portion their provide; one burger with fries set meal is enough to feed a hungry person!

If that is not enough, you can even get your choice from 8 sauce choices available at the sauce counter. Sauces include the Korean Yangnyum sauce, Korean BBQ sauce, teriyaki sauce and many more!


The Menu:

The Food:

    Cost: $8.00+

This chicken burger is huge; it comes with a LARGE piece of fried chicken thigh sandwiched between sesame buns with veggies, tomatoes onions and cheese. We ordered the set meal that comes with thin cut fries and a choice of drink non-refillable at +$3.00. If you are on a real budget, then just order the burger AT ONLY $5.00!! So affordable for such a big portion.

    Cost: $9.00+

Rest assured that this Shark Burger does not come with shark meat, instead it is dory fish drenched with Korean spicy sauce. The sauce has quite a spicy kick and it overpowers the taste of the fish, nevertheless those who can handle spiciness well can try this dish. Otherwise, there is the non spicy dory fish burger a la carte at $5.00!

If you want great and affordable fast food different from the norm, then this is the place to satisfy your tummies!



Overall Food Rating

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 11.00AM – 10.00PM,
Friday to Sunday 11.00AM – 10.30PM

Contact Number: +65-9728-9964

Facebook Website: https://www.facebook.com/burgermonster.sg/

10 Jurong East Street 12,
#01-01 Jurong East MRT,
Singapore 609690

Directions: Alight at Jurong East MRT Station (Green/red line EW24/NS01) and exit at Exit A. Head down the escalators and u-turn towards the Kopitiam below the MRT Station. Burger Monster is right beside Kopitiam, where Chicken Up used to be.

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