[NEW!] Katsudon Hanakatsu @ Eat At Seven Suntec City

The people behind the famous Tendon Kohaku at Suntec City has opened another Donburi shop just right beside Kohaku itelf! This time, instead of tempuras, Katsudon Hanakatsu offers katsu donburi which are fried chicken and pork slices with rice. Similar to Kohaku, this shop only has 1 main dish and it comes in 2 different flavours, original and spicy.

This restaurant uses a special water fryer brought in from Japan to fry the Katsu. Some of the ingredients they use also come from Japan, including the breadcrumbs used for Katsu frying and the rice.

The Menu:

Even the menu also looked similar.

The Food:

    Cost: $13.50++

Each bowl comes with 6 pieces of Katsu, 3 chicken and 3 pork slices! These Katsu are marinated with a special inhouse blend, and fried to a crunchy exterior. The 6 slices are placed in a flower pattern, hence the name, Hanakatsu (Hana = flower). For the rice, you get to choose either Nanatsuboshi Hokkaido Rice or the 16 multi grains rice, and then it will be drizzled with some very enticing tempura sauce with egg! This is definitely a great choice for meat lovers with a good appetite, or if you are tired of waiting 45mins to 1hour for Tendon Kohaku.

    Cost: $13.50++

The spicy version has a stronger burst of flavours, especially with the aromatic and colourful aonori and shichimi Japanese spices.

Also worth mentioning is the side dish TON-JI-RU (Cost: $1.50++) which is a very thick and flavourful bowl of miso soup with minced pork and vegetables. A great choice to go with your Katsu Donburi!



Overall Food Rating

Opening Hours:
Daily 11:30AM – 3:30PM, 5:00PM – 9:30PM

Contact Number: +65-6333-4386

Facebook Website: https://www.facebook.com/KatsudonHanakatsu/

3 Temasek Boulevard,
#03-331 Suntec City Mall Eat At Seven,
Singapore 038984

Directions: Alight at Esplanade MRT (CC3 circle line) or Promenade MRT (CC4 DT15 circle line/downtown line) and enter Suntec City. Head over to the north wing of Suntec City, go up to level 3. Head towards Eat At Seven, and right beside Tendon Kohaku is Katsudon Hanakatsu.

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