LG Neochef™ Microwave Oven; first ever microwave oven that supports yoghurt making!

LG has released the latest version of their innovative All-in-one Neochef™ Microwave Oven featuring a new Smart Inverter Technology which is capable of even and consistent heating of food!

With this new version, you can grill, melt, fry, warm, toast, roast and steam your food with ease, and you can even make your own natural and additive-free homemade yoghurt! This is the first ever Microwave Oven that supports yoghurt making. For those who love to make yoghurt at home, you will find that it is always a troublesome and time consuming process. But with Neochef™ advanced technology, it allows you to have automatic and precise control over power level, which means more consistent fermentation of yoghurt within a shorter amount of time!

LG’s unique Smart Inverter Technology allows the Microwave Oven to prepare a wide variety of quality dishes with better results, using its linear power control to evenly cook and defrost food all the way through while preserving its nutrients and flavour. Furthermore, it also boosts efficiency with its maximum power output of 1,100 watts to cook dishes more quickly than other conventional models.

Its minimalist, glossy tempered glass design and refined matte exterior makes the Neochef™ capable of blending in with the decor of any kitchen.

Inside the Neochef™ is a Hexagonal turnable Ring with 6 points of support, making it a very stable platform that can reduce the chance of spillage when the food is not exactly placed in the center. Also inside the Neochef™ is an energy efficient interior LED Lamp – 3 times brighter than conventional models, allow you to easily monitor the cooking process.

With its multitude of features, you can cook healthier food with a touch of a button; The microwave’s Healthy Fry Feature(available in Grill and Convection microwave options) allow you to fry food using less oil and 72% less fat, making it healthier while still preserving the distinct taste of each dish.

If you think that with so much features, it will be difficult to clean the interior. With the Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ Coating inside, it is much easier to wipe your oven while making it harder for dangerous contaminants to take root, eliminating 99.99% of harmful bacteria!

The NeoChef™ microwave ovens come in three models:
1) 25-litre solo unit (S$299)

2) 25-litre grill unit (S$399)

3) 39-litre convection unit (S$969)

All models are available at Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store and other LG authorized retailers.

For more information, please visit http://www.lg.com/sg/microwave-ovens.


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