[NEW!] Misato @ The Centrepoint

Misato is a contemporary Japanese restaurant that has recently relocated from the basement of The Cathay building to The Centrepoint Gastro+ food area! In this new location, Misato feature a cosy ambience with expensive customised tableware and furniture where you will be able to dine on exquisite Japanese cuisine that are made with high quality, premium ingredients that are imported from Japan! Even their matcha dishes are made from a highly exclusive and premium matcha powder imported from Nara prefecture; Misato is the first in Singapore to use this ingredient!

At Misato, expect the best-quality food produced by a team who strive to achieve perfectionism in the taste and presentation of the food. Every dish is freshly cooked upon ordering.

The Menu:

The Food:

    Cost: $20.80

This Japanese hotpot set contains fresh tiger prawns, Norwegian salmon, chicken, assorted Japanese mushrooms, tofu and veggies submerged in homemade niboshi broth. Comes with a bowl of Japanese rice. A perfect meal for cold weather or rainy days! The shiny kaminabe foil they use is actually made of aluminium.

    Cost: $14.90

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pan fried savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients such as meat, octopus, squid, etc. It literally means ‘grill as you like it’. At Misato, their okonomiyaki is made from high-quality Japanese yam with crunchy Japanese cabbage in its fillings. Covered with a nice glaze of okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise added in the form of detailed patterns. They really spend time to make food very presentable!

    Cost: $8.80

Warabi Mochi are very soft, jelly-like and are made from warabi(bracken – a type of fern) starch instead of glutinous rice. Misato’s version comes in sanshoku(three colours), kinako, goma and matcha flavours. It feels like an ultra soft version of mochi and it melts-in-your-mouth; so delicious! It take about 2 hours of preparation time and are handmade everyday.

Other notable dishes include the CHA SOBA (Cost: $13.80), refreshing matcha noodles served with Misato’s homemade dipping sauce.

The HANDMADE GYOZA (Cost: $6.90/6pcs, $10.90/10pcs) here are unique in a way that there is a layer of thin crispy gyoza wrap connected to the gyoza (see photo below). It comes with steamed chicken and vegetable dumplings, and it goes well with the dipping sauce.



Overall Food Rating

Opening Hours: Daily 12.00PM – 10.00PM (last order 9.00PM)

Contact Number: +65-6235-2822

Facebook Website: https://www.facebook.com/MisatoSingapore/

176 Orchard Road,
#01-33E The Centrepoint (Level 1, inside Gastro area, next to Coffee Bean)
Singapore 238843

Directions: Alight at Somerset MRT Station (Red line NS23) and head over to The Centrepoint which is directly opposite Orchard Central. At Level 1 of The Centrepoint, walk pass the event space and head towards Gastro+ food area, and right beside Coffee Bean is Misato.

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