[NEW!] Gong Cha transforms into LiHO: Local Brand, New Menu and CHEESE TEA?!

Yes you heard it right, and have probably seen some of the outlets changed. All Gong Cha outlets in Singapore will be rebranded into a local brand named LiHO, introducing a new drink concept – Cheese Tea! Instead of milk froth, their signature Cheese Tea and Cheese Smoothie comes with a layer of cheese froth above the drink. Cheese Tea originated from China few years ago, and has become extremely popular there with multiple brands offering cheese tea. LiHO is the first to bring this concept to the shores of Singapore. Those who stay true to Gong Cha don’t worry; LiHO still serve classic milk teas, brewed teas and you can still add-on toppings such as ai yu jelly as well as choose your sugar level and ice level.

VivoCity outlet

The Menu

LiHO Menu 01
LiHO Menu 02

The Drinks

Cheese Froth

CHEESE JING SYUAN TEA (Cost: M – $4.10/L – $5.10) The creamy cheese froth is like a saltier version of the Gong Cha milk froth. We preferred to mix the cheese into the tea before drinking, but you can drink it as it is if you want to. All teas are served with a special lid where there are 2 holes; one is for the straw to go through whereas the other is a resealable hole for sipping onto the cheese tea.


If you don’t like or can’t take cheese products, there is a whole list of non-cheese drinks available for you! On the left is their signature non-cheese tea: LIHO ROYAL MILK GUAN YIN (Cost: M – $3.50/L – $4.50) which is brewed from 鐵觀音(Tie Guan Yin/Iron Goddess) a premium variety of Chinese Oolong Tea, with a layer of creamy milk froth atop it.

If you want something refreshing, try the GOLDEN YUZU GREEN TEA (Cost: M – $3.40/L – $4.40) on the right. Light and soothing with a hint of citrus yuzu taste to it, and it is one of the more well received drink.

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