LG SIGNATURE exhibition @ ION Orchard; showcasing washing machine with TWO tubs, Auto Open Door refrigerator, and more!

LG Electronics has unveiled their new set of premium home appliances and consumer electronics including the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine with advanced TWINWash™ functions, LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator with an InstaViewDoor-in-Door® feature, LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier with Rain View Window and the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV, an ultra-thin wallpaper TV. These products will redefine and futurize your home living experience.

NOTE: All these premium items will be showcased and open to public at ION Orchard Level 1 Atrium from now until 23 May 2017. So if you are in town, do drop by here and check out these amazing products!

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Washing Machine

This washing machine features a 24-inch front load washing area as well as a SECONDARY WASHING AREA below the main unit! This means you can separate your laundries into 2 and wash them simultaneously. No more worrying of white shirts being stained by colour-bleeding, or having to spend more time washing 2 batches of clothes one after another. Furthermore it is equipped with LG’s proprietary Centum System™ which minimises the tub’s vibrations and in turn reduce noise emissions as well as improving durability and energy efficiency.


With its award-winning Door-in-Door® design in conjunction with the InstaView™ feature, this new refrigerator allows you to view the inside of the fridge without opening the doors! Just knock 2 times on the top opaque door and it will turn transparent, allowing you to check the inside of the fridge. What is better is that it has a Auto Open Door feature which activates when your foot is placed at the bottom of the smart sensor. This means you can OPEN DOORS HANDS-FREE! Very useful for housewives or home chefs and when your hands are full. As for the internal cooling system, it is able to adjust the cooling capacity according to the conditions inside the compartment.

Air Purifier

This new Air Purifier features an advance Watering System where it is able to filter the air and quickly bring your room to a comfortable humidity level. You can reuse the filters for up to 10 years, thanks to the LG’s SIGNATURE Black Filter System. You can also view the level of air quality in your room by the LG’s Smart Indicator on the Air Purifier itself.


With magnetic brackets and a thickness of 2.57mm(thinner than 2 $1 coins!) for the 65-inch OLED TV, you can mount this amazing TV on your living room wall directly, making it looks like wall art! It also features a pixel dimming control technology that can produce perfect blacks, infinite contrast and an expanded colour gamut. For sound, it features Dolby Atmos, a surround sound technology found in cinemas that allows you to experience powerful moving audio 360° around you!

For more information on LG’s premium home entertainment products, check out our post in this link!

Event name: LG SIGNATURE exhibition (open to public)

Duration: 11/05/2017 – 23/05/2017

Location: ION Orchard Atrium Level 1, nearest MRT: Orchard MRT Station (Red line, NS22)

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