Hook On Steamboat, Cheese Fondue Steamboat @ Kembangan

Prepare to relish on some cheezy BBQ Steamboat at Hook On Steamboat! Released in 2016, Hook On Steamboat’s Handcrafted Nacho Cheese Fondue Dip comes in a pot surrounded by a round tray where you get to barbecue from a large variety of seafood, meat and many more available!

Hook On Steamboat has been around for 15 years, previously located at East Coast area and has shifted to Kembangan 1.5 years ago. They do have plans to shift to another location, but it is not confirmed yet.

Specialising in steamboat and BBQ, they offer shabu shabu, mookata and now the cheese fondue BBQ hotplate, all of which are available in:
DELUXE – over 70 types of ingredients
PREMIUM – over 100 types of ingredients, Adults enjoy 1 serving of Premium item: Kurobuta Pork, Meltique Beef or Pacific Clams.

BROTHS available for shabu shabu:
Chicken Corn Broth
Tom Yum Broth
Porridge Broth
Tomato Broth +$3.00
Kimchi Broth +$3.00

Pricing are as follows:

With the release of the NEW STUDENTS BUFFET MENU, students can now enjoy a special price as long as you produce your student card!
Deluxe Buffet (Usual $22.90+ for adult)
Weekdays: $18.90+ / Student
Weekends: $20.90+ / Student

Premium Buffet (Usual $30.70+ for adult)
Weekdays: $26.70+ / Student
Weekends: $28.70+ / Student

The Menu:

Ordering Sheet
The Buffet:

There are hundreds of items to choose from, some of which can be found at the self-help station, including chilled marinated meats, veggies, mushrooms, meat/fish balls, squid ink balls, while the rest must be ordered using the given Ordering Sheet. Items that we recommend in the buffet menu include streaky pork bacon, Dwaeji Galbi pork ribs, H.O.S. marinated beef, their nonya sambal items with homemade sambal sauce, Korean oyster and bamboo clams.

Pork items are produced in US or brazil. Seafood items such as crayfish and prawns are all bought from the Jurong Fishery Port a few times each week to ensure freshness of the seafood.

There is also a DIY sauce station for you to mix and match at your convenience.

What is different from the usual yellowish and typical bbq cheese is that Hook On’s iconic cheese fondue is made with a number of different cheese, blended into a rich and flavourful mixture of fondue which when heated, thickens and becomes extremely stretchy! They even commenced a cheese pull challenge! (refer below)

They are kind enough to help change the hotplate foil whenever it becomes too burned and unusable, and allows you to have unlimited refill of cheese! If you want to try soup instead, you can try the cheese first, and then ask to change into soup (one time change, change from soup to cheese also can).

You can add on free flow drinks and ice cream, where you can indulge in 6 different flavours of unique Ice Cream such as paddle pop gummy bears, coconut, Yam, all of which are thai-imported. There are also 4 refreshing house made soda drinks available at $4.90 each, with flavours such as lychee, sour plum, calamansi and mango.

Dining at Hook On Steamboat has become more rewarding now with their Easter Giveaway on this month of April! Including a 1 metre cheese pull challenge when accomplished, will reward you with a 15% off total bill! There are even Facebook contests! Details can be found in their Facebook Website post.



Overall Food Rating

Opening Hours: Daily 5.00PM – 12.00MIDNIGHT, closed on Mondays

Contact Number: +65-6844-0389

RESERVATIONS can be made at Reserveit website and hungrygowhere website.

E-mail: enquiries.hos@gmail.com

Facebook Website: https://www.facebook.com/hookonsteamboat/?ref=page_internal

389 Changi Road
Singapore 419838

Directions: Alight at Kembangan MRT Station (Green Line EW6) and exit the station to Sims Avenue East road. Cross the road at the traffic light towards Kembangan Plaza, turn right and follow the road until you see a temple at Lor Melayu road. Turn left into the road and follow until you reach Changi Road. Turn right into the car park area and into the shop houses. Hook On Steamboat is at the second last unit.

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