Stärker Bistro @ Zhongshan Park

The largest branch of Stärker Fresh Beer is located at Zhongshan Park, which features a large 2 storey building separated into a bistro dining area, a music area as well as an al-fresco area.

Stärker Music
2nd level

Their beers are authentic German style fresh brews made from the finest European ingredients and are stored in antique wooden kegs – reminiscing the german tradition of beer drinking. With breweries in Singapore and Malaysia, all Stärker Fresh Brews are made unfiltered and unpasteurised, and are transported directly from these breweries to the premise using cold chain delivery – a low temperature technique to ensure the beer is kept fresh throughout the journey.

Other than beers, they also serve a number of beer bites and main dishes such as pastas, pizza, burgers, etc.

The Menu and Pricing:


Stärker Fresh Beer:
Cost: half-pint ($8.90), one-pint ($16.90), 2L barrel ($63.90), 5L barrel ($148.00)

There are 5 unique flavours of Stärker Fresh Beers:
1) Lager – distinctive herbal aroma, malty taste, medium bitterness
2) Charcoal – Intense and robust flavour, medium bitterness, charcoal colour
3) Dunkel – Mild aroma, slight caramel hints, medium bitterness
4) Lychee – Fruity flavour from Belgium lychee, sweet musky aroma, medium bitterness
5) Aromatic – Pleasant flavour, floral and herbal aroma, malty sweet, mild bitterness

We chose the Aromatic beer 2L beer and it comes in a small keg placed near to our table. A staff will help to change your mugs into frosted mugs, to retain a low temperature for your beer after some time.

Beer flight includes all 5 flavours of Stärker Beer in cups for $20.00.
HAPPY HOUR until 8PM: Half-pint ($7.90), one-pint ($13.90)
HAPPY HOUR PROMOTION! Until 8PM; 2L Stärker Beer + 2 snacks for $60.00, 5L Stärker Beer + 3 snacks for $139.00. Choice of snacks include mini crab, shishamo and classic wings.

The Food:

    Cost: $38.80

This ginormous platter of food consists of delicately seasoned and perfectly slow-roasted pork knuckle, saurekraut, mashed potato, house salad, topped with fried onions and comes with Stärker’s authentic beer sauce. Dip those chunks of pork knuckle in the umami sauce and enjoy the tantalising crisp outer skin and succulent meat. Much praises to the amazing mashed potato which is a creamy and satisfying addition to the dish.

    Cost: $16.80

This bar snack comes with 3 sliders, each containing parts of golden brown soft shell crab coated with Singapore-style chilli crab sauce between toasted buttered buns. They may not be as large as burgers, but these small bites of wonder are great when eaten with Stärker’s Fresh Beers.

Other Notable Dishes:

This CRISPY ROASTED PORK BELLY (Cost: $14.80) is well roasted to a nice golden brown crunchy skin, in contrast to the tender layers of melt-in-your-mouth fats and meat. Comes with saurekraut and mustard sauce.

Crispy Roasted Pork Belly

For those seafood lovers, the SEAFOOD RISOTTO (Cost: $24.80) consists of sautéed scallops, prawns, some veggies and slipper lobster crayfish, atop some delicious slow-cooked rice in crustacean stock and mixed with cherry tomatoes. You can also try their CRABTIVATING PLATTER (Cost: $20.00 with purchase of 5L Stärker Beer) which consists of mini crab, shishamo and chicken wings. Or the OCEAN GALORE (Cost: $93.80) a large pan filled with crabs, prawns, clams fit for 2-3 persons.

Seafood Risotto

Also, Stärker classic FIERY WINGS (Cost: $13.80) is a great beer grub, which is topped with Stärker’s spicy sauce.

Fiery Wings

They do have pizzas, and notable ones include the SEAFOOD PIZZA (Cost: $10.80), homemade thin-crust base with prawns, squids and crab meat seasoned with garlic and herbs.



Overall Food Rating

Opening Hours: Daily 3.00PM – 2.00AM

Contact Number: +65-6734-1810



Facebook Website:

1 Jalan Rajah,
#01-02, Zhongshan Park,
Singapore 329133

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