[NEW!] Valentine Kuma, Characters Cafe @ Dhoby Exchange

The annual Valentine Kuma event hosted by Character’s Cafe at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Xchange has returned! Similar to the previous year, Character’s Cafe will offer 3D Rilakkuma set meals with a choice of Hokkaido Ice-Cream, drinks and you will have mystery prizes (exclusively from Japan) to be won!

DURATION: Event lasts for a limited period of time from 10 February – 19 February 2017.

BOOKING OF SEATS: Do take note that due to limited seats available (12pax only), diners are entitled to hourly dining sessions from 12.00NOON – 9.00PM(last session). You can book your tables online at Bon Japan Website or World Snack Day Websiteand do take note of the important terms & conditions.

Diners will be able to choose from 2 types of set meals:

  1. Rila Bento Set (Cost: $29.90)
    – Choice of Mains: Japanese Curry Chicken Karaage Rice OR Japanese Stew Cream Chicken Drumlets Rice
    – Desserts: Mochi Dessert
    – Drinks
    – Rilakkuma Mystery Prize (Normal Prize)
  2. Rila Premium Set (Cost: $45.00)
    – Choice of Mains: Japanese Curry Chicken Karaage Rice OR Japanese Stew Cream Chicken Drumlets Rice
    – Desserts: Mochi Dessert + Rila Hotcake Ice-cream Jar
    – Drinks
    – Rilakkuma special edition Premium Mystery Prize (Better Prize)

THE FOOD AND DRINKS (Note, all items here are from Japanese ingredients):


This cute looking dish has rice shaped like the head of Rilakkuma, its ears and nose added with a layer of cheese while the eyes are made from konbu(seaweed/kelp). The Hokkaido curry sauce is used and fresh milk are added to make the taste even better. Carrots, potato and some karaage(deep fried chicken) are the ingredients to go along with the curry sauce


The rice part of this dish is similar the the one from curry rice set. But instead of curry, this version comes with Hokkaido cream sauce that has fresh milk added and also comes with carrots, vegetables and 4 pieces of drumlets.


You get to choose from a list of Hokkaido Ice Cream flavours: chocolate, cheesecake, blueberry and many more. It also contains Japan mochi, 3 cute spongy pieces of hot cake bears as well as 3 sticks of Japanese Pocky sticks.


Drinks you can choose from:
– Green Tea Bubble tea made from special quality Japanese Sen-Cha green tea
– Ice-cream bubble tea
– Can Drinks from Japan


There are also tons of Rilakkuma merchandises available for purchasing in the shop (price from $25 – $40):

What are you waiting for? Book your time slots and come down now to the Characters Cafe to stuff yourself with Rilakkuma kawaii cuteness!



Overall Food Rating

Event Title: Valentine Kuma

Event Date: 10 to 19 February 2017

Opening Hours: 12.00NOON – 9.00PM (There will be 8 time slots within this timing for booking)


Facebook Website: https://www.facebook.com/kumasingapore/

11 Orchard Road,
#B1-36 Dhoby Exchange,
Singapore 238826

Directions: Alight at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station and exit at the red line gantry. Turn right and take the escalator up, turn right again into Dhoby Exchange. Characters Cafe is right beside Just Acia near the atm machines.

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