Noosh Halal Noodle Bar & Grill @ Esplanade Annexe

Part of the food cluster at Esplanade Annexe, Noosh – a Muslim-owned Halal restaurant offers a fusion of traditional and modern cuisines, with more than 20 attractive noodle and grill dishes cooked by their creative chefs. You will also find a variety of desserts from Noosh’s own Halal-certified bakery, such as the Coconut Mango Rice, Noosh Choco Cake, Durian Cake and the most popular Ondeh-Ondeh Cake! You can enjoy all these delicacies in a nice and welcoming restaurant environment at Noosh.

To check the availability for cakes such as the Ondeh-Ondeh Cakes and Durian Cakes, do follow their Facebook page for updated news on it.

Menu and Pricing:

The Food:

    Cost: $18.90

This dish comes from the Malay favourite Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi with a combination of Italian’s smoke duck pasta, creating a delicious, creamy and spicy fusion dish! Contains slices of tender smoke duck breast with spaghetti, in a sea of creamy coconut milk based gravy, and garnished with arugula (rocket leaves), cherry tomatoes and chilli.

NOTE: The original level of spiciness is average, and you can request to reduce or increase the level of spiciness to your liking.

    Cost: 18.90

The curry crayfish noodle is made with simmering fresh crayfish in a rich, creamy and spicy coconut based gravy. Enjoy the explosion of flavours from a number of exotic spices over light vermicelli noodles, as well as the succulent crayfish meat.

    Cost: $16.90

Savoury Szechuan-style beef stew with chunks of beef ribs and wanton noodles. This generally has a low spice level than most dishes.

If you want an alternative spicier beef dish, try the SPICY BEEF RAMYEON ($16.90) made with slices of bulgogi beef braised in Korean hot (and spicy) bean paste. It also contains soft boiled egg, fresh spring onions and kimchi vegetables.

    Cost: $10.90

Noosh’s iconic dessert is this appealing slice of Ondeh-Ondeh cake, inspired from ingredients of the traditional Malay kueh glutinous rice balls. This fluffy and soft layered pandan sponge cake is stuffed with a good amount of gula melaka (palm sugar) bits and coconut shavings, creating a delightful wonder of sweetness in every bite of it. Comes with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, which complements well with the cake.

*Cakes are subject to availability.



Overall Food Rating

Opening Hours:
Monday Closed
Tuesday to Sunday: 12.00PM – 10.00PM except Friday, 3.00PM – 10.00PM

Contact: +65-6327-9396

Facebook Website:

8 Raffles Avenue
#01-13B Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802

Directions: Alight at City Hall MRT Station (red/green line NS25/EW13) and turn right into CityLink mall Basement1 after exiting the gantry. Walk through this underpass until you reach the Esplanade underpass. Turn left into the underpass and enter Esplanade through the Esplanade tunnel (which showcases visual art installations). Get up to Level 1 of Esplanade, and walk through the Esplanade concourse and towards the Esplanade courtyard, facing marina bay. Walk outside towards the outdoor theatre and turn left pass Barossa and Alter Ego, turn to the left into the courtyard, pass Alter Ego andWah Kee Prawn Noodles, you will be able to find Noosh Halal Noodle Bar & Grill.

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