The Peranakan @ Claymore Connect Orchard

新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year! The year of the rooster has arrived, and this Peranakan restaurant will be opened throughout the Chinese New Year, serving their CNY menu as well as the beautifully decorated Peranakan version of Yu Sheng!

The Peranakan is an authentic straits cuisine restaurant in Singapore located along the Orchard Road belt beside the Orchard Towers. Helmed by Executive Chef Raymond Khoo and his team whom served 3 generations of Peranakan recipes, they offer authentic Peranakan food made from quality ingredients without the use of MSG at all. Be enticed by the bold and unique flavours that these traditional dishes has to offer!

Aside from food…

The entire restaurant is elaborately modelled after a rich merchants house in Malacca, with decorated porcelain crockeries, bold coloured screens, floral wallpapers, Kebayas, custom made Peranakan mirrors, and lit with glass chandeliers!

CNY SPECIAL: The restaurant will be offering a Prosperity Peranakan Yee Sang (Yu Sheng/Lou Hei) with salmon and/or abalone choices, until the 15th day of the Lunar New Year!

Prosperity Peranakan Yee Sang prices:
Salmon: $38.80/$68.80
Abalone: $88.80/$168.80
Salmon and Abalone: $68.80/$128.80

*If you are looking for variations of Yu Sheng in Singapore, you can try out the Japanese style Yu Sheng at Miam Miam! More details in the link.

Menu and Pricing:

The Peranakan Menu 1
The Peranakan Menu 2
The Peranakan CNY Menu

The Food:

As you would have noticed, the dishes here are all served atop a piece of banana leaf which provides a little fragrance to the food.

Hot tea served in porcelain cup
    Cost: $68.80

Peranakan Chinese now can Lou Hei (Prosperity Toss) with this special Peranakan style Yu Sheng! This dish comes with 25 different ingredients: the usual Chinese Yu Sheng ingredients as well as a number of Peranakan spices and herbs similar to the one found in Nasi Ulan Istimewa (traditional Peranakan rice dish). The herbs and spices provide this dish with a hint of exotic flavour which blends well with the original Yu Sheng taste and sweetness.

    Cost: $17.00

Ayam Sioh is a flavourful home-cooked Peranakan staple dish. The chicken is simmered with palm sugar, red sugar and ketumbar (coriander), allowing the aroma of the herb and sweetness of the sugar to be infused into the meat. It provides the chicken with a unique luscious flavour; very different from what you would expect of a chicken dish.

    Cost: $17.00

This is the traditional Peranakan rice dish made with minced fish, salted fish, raw herbs and vegetables. It has a strong raw herbal flavour which can only be achieved if the herbs remain in room temperature and not cooked, otherwise it will become bitter! That is why the rice has to be cooled down before adding the herbs, hence not hot when served. The refreshing herbal taste is what makes this a uniquely delectable rice dish.

    Cost: $5.00/$6.50/$6.50

The colour of the rice strikes us as something that we have eaten before, and its none other than Pulot Enti, the traditional Nonya Kueh made by OSAC College during Tea for a Cause: Drool Club charity event! (Do check out our post). The natural blue colouring comes from the extracts of the iconic blue pea flower, which gives it a light flowery taste. There are a few types of ingredients that pairs with Pulot Enti, there is the kelapa (coconut) which is coconut with sugar, the second one comes with blended pure Malaysian durian, whereas the third one comes with Hae Bee Hiam (dried shrimps sambal). The Hae Bee Hiam version cannot be found in the menu, you have to make a special request for this version of Pulot Enti.

    Cost: $8.00

Another dessert from the Peranakan cuisine is this simple pandan chiffon cake drizzled with Gula Melaka (palm sugar), covered with toasted coconut shavings and durian paste similar to the one with Pulot Enti. The durian paste complements with the sweetness of the Gula Melaka, giving this simple cake a mixture of bold flavours.



Overall Food Rating

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11.00AM – 10.00PM


Facebook Website:

Contact: +65-6262-4428
Reservations available

442 Orchard Road
Level 2 Claymore Connect
Singapore 238879

Directions: Alight at Orchard MRT Station (red line NS22) and exit towards ION Orchard. Walk through the underpass along Paterson Link towards Wheelock Place. Exit the mall and continue along Orchard Road passing by Liat Towers, Far East Shopping Centre, Hilton Singapore Hotel and Forum the Shopping Mall. Cross the road at the traffic junction towards Delfi Orchard, and walk to Claymore Connect which is behind Delfi Orchard. Enter the mall and go to level 2, you will be able to see a well decorated restaurant and that is The Paranakan.

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