[NEW] Nadai Fujisoba NI HACHI @ Itadakimasu by PARCO

Established in 1966 and known as the soba restaurant (蕎麦屋) with one of the longest history in Japan as well as the first 24-hour Japanese restaurant in Shibuya, Nadai Fujisoba NI HACHI opens its first outlet in Singapore offering a totally new concept. Their soba dishes are made from high quality buckwheat flour soba and dry bonito that are imported from Japan. It is located at 100am mall’s Itadakimasu by PARCO, a new Japan Food cluster which has a similar concept to Japan Food Town.

The broth in their soba is created by a special blend of dried bonito and “kaeshi (かえし)” a mixure of soy sauce, sugar, and well-aged mirin (sweet sake); a recipe that has been developed over their 50 years of history. Other than warm and cold broth soba dishes, they will also be offering dry soba, dipping soba, donburi, some side dishes, desserts and kamo nabe (duck meat hotpot) containing many ingredients such as duck meat, duck meatballs, vegetables, etc, that is available for dinner only.

You can also change your soba noodles into handmade udon noodles with no extra charge. Additional noodles are charged at $2.00.

Menu and Pricing:

The Food:

    Cost: $15.00

This special dashi maki tamago dish recommended by the server is indeed a worth mentioning dish in the restaurant. The simple block of tamago arrives at the table initially without the sauce, then the server pours a generous amount of hot steaming sauce into the pan. Although it may look like any other block of Japanese omelette, it is the crab meat soy sauce that changes our viewpoint towards it. This special sauce complements the egg well with a savoury sweet, crab meat taste. A good dish to start the meal with.

    Cost: $16.00

Apart from the usual soup, dry and dipping soba, there is also a version of soba with Japanese curry. A slice of butter is given at the side for you to mix in to give the soup a more creamy flavour. Make sure to mix in the butter at the beginning to allow it to melt in the heat of the soup. The curry is similar in flavour to Japanese curry rice, but has a lighter taste and a less jelat feel, due to it being mixed with the broth in the soba. Still, it is a flavourful and umami bowl of curry soba. Comes with thin soba noodles, sliced pork and some veggies.

    Cost: $16.00

This dry soba comes with thick soba noodles, slices of tender duck meat, duck meatballs, a half-boiled egg and some vegetables. It is termed maze (to mix) soba, therefore you can mix the ingredients up for a better taste. The soba noodles when coated with the egg and yuzu essence, provides a pleasant eating experience. It is uncommon to see duck meat in soba dishes, but this restaurant makes it possible.



Overall Food Rating

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11.00AM – 3.00PM, 5.30PM – 10.00PM

Website: http://fujisoba.co.jp/

Facebook Website: https://www.facebook.com/FujiSoba-Singapore-326049881100556/

Contact: +65-6443-8827
Reservations are welcomed!

100 Tras Street
#03-14 100AM
Singapore 079027

Directions: Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (green line EW15) and exit at Exit A. Cross the road and walk pass Oasis hotel (the tall red building) and Carlton City. Turn left and walk along the road until you reach the mall 100am, which is beside Amara hotel. Enter the mall, and turn left to take the escalators up to level 3. To your right you will see Itadakimasu by PARCO, and Nadai Fujisoba NI HACHI is right beside Kisuke Tori King.

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