[NEW] Ippudo X Kuro-Obi @ Marina Bay Sands

A new Ippudo outlet has opened today 13 January 2017 at The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands right in front of the skating rink. This time, they bring along a new take-away ramen concept right beside the restaurant itself! Named Kuro-Obi, this quick-service ramen bar has been the hit in New York for quite some time and will be the first one to be opened outside of USA. They will serve a new ramen style that is suitable for “take-away ramen”, and will focus exclusively on Tori Paitan, a 100% chicken based ramen with chicken cha siu.

Kuro-Obi take-away kiosk

Kuro-Obi will feature 4 flavours of ramen to choose from; Kuro-Obi ($12.00) is the original 100% chicken broth ramen, Aka-Obi ($10.00) spicy shrimp version, Shiro-Obi ($8.00) original with lesser toppings, and Cha-Obi ($9.00) is made from vegetable shoyu broth with vegetables, garlic and onions, as well as some bites such as takoyaki and kaarage, and rice dishes such as K.O. Chicken Rice and Tori Chashu Meshi.

The four ramen, top-left: Shiro-Obi, top-right: Kuro-Obi, bottom-left: Cha-Obi, bottom-right: Aka-Obi

We think that the Cha-Obi ramen option is a nice addition to the menu for vegetarians who can consume both garlic and onion.

When using the ordering form, you get to customise your ramen by noodle texture, strength of flavour, richness of oil and the amount of garlic or onion to be added in.

Ordering Form:

With this new concept, you can now get your ramen fix without the need to wait for a seat!

As for the Ippudo restaurant itself, there is quite a spacious dining area and if you would like to dine-in and order food from Kuro-Obi, you can. They will be serving the usual Akamaru and Shiromaru signature ramen, Singapore exclusive ramen and also a number of new signature dishes!

Ippudo Restaurant Interior

Menu and Pricing (for Ippudo restaurant):


The Food from Kuro-Obi:

    Cost: $12.00

Named after the shop itself, this signature bowl of ramen has broth that is cooked using chicken bones and chicken meat only. It also contains toppings such as slices of chicken cha siu, vegetables, seaweed and a half piece of flavoured egg. Although this is a new recipe specially created for take-away, the broth itself still retains the rich umami taste reflecting the hours of slow-cooking of the broth. We liked the cha siu, not as chewy as the usual pork cha siu and has a different taste to it. This is definitely a good bowl of ramen if you want something more affordable and on the go with a quality that is on par to the ramen in their restaurants.

    Cost: $10.00

This is the signature chicken ramen with added spices and a dollop of spicy minced meat. We thought it will be very spicy but it turns out to be mild, which allows people with low spice tolerance to try it as well. There are lesser toppings (no cha siu or flavoured egg) in it, but the sweet and savoury kick of spices is what makes this bowl of ramen special.

The Food from Ippudo:

    Cost: $7.00 (small) / $13.00 (regular)

This piece of pork rib is one of Ippudo’s new signature dish only available at this branch! Marinated in their chef’s special creation of sauce and spices, and fried to a beautiful crisp surface, this sword shaped rib is tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

    Cost: $8.00

A different approach to the corn-on-the-cob crispy corn in other Ippudo restaurants, this is made with pieces of deep-fried corn kernels and are sprinkled with paprika powder which provides it with a burst of flavours.

    Cost: $6.00

The dessert stands out to be another interesting and new concept in this branch. It is made with almond jelly noodles in milky soup, and is recommended by many who tried it too. Not just the noodle, but the soup also has the essence of almond, making every sip of this dessert refreshing and delicious!

There is also a large selection of Ippudo’s usual dishes that will also be available in the restaurant. Some notable dishes include:

8 Kinds Vegetables & Goboten Salad with Collagen Tonkotsu Dressing $7.00 small, $13.00 regular
Goma Kyuri (Cucumber with sesame dressing) $4.00 small, $8.00 regular
Gyoza 5pcs $9.00, 10 pcs $16.00
Pork Bun $5.00

If you are trying to find good ramen at Orchard Road or wanting to visit Ippudo’s first restaurant in Singapore, check out our post on Ippudo @ Mandarin Gallery!

An honour to stand beside chief ramen chef!



Overall Food Rating

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday, Sunday, PH: 10:30AM – 11:00PM
Friday, Saturday, eve of PH: 10.30AM – 11.30PM

Website: http://www.ippudo.com.sg/

2 Bayfront Avenue
#B2-54 Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972

Directions: If you alight at Bayfront MRT Station (circle line/downtown line CE1/DT16), you have to walk all the way through the shoppes at MBS until you reach the ice-skating rink surrounded by the food court dining area at Basement 2. Ippudo X Kuro Obi is right beside Llaollao and in front of the skating rink.


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