[NEW!] LeTAO @ Ion Orchard

Japanese Cheesecakes! LeTAO from Japan has recently opened a kiosk at ION Orchard, offering their famous fromage cheesecakes directly air-flown from Hokkaido! In order to retain its freshness and great taste for worldwide delivery, LeTAO managed to develop a freezing technology that will allow their cheesecakes to not spoil even after it thaws.

The hype for their signature Double Fromage Cheesecake is real, it is already sold out on the second day after opening! Therefore we tried the Chocolat Double Cheesecake instead, which is also running out fast. For those who are looking to try their cheesecakes, it is better to make an order with them.

The Menu and Pricing:

The Food:

  • CHOCOLAT DOUBLE (360grams, 12cm diameter)
    Cost: $28.00

A combination of cheese fromage and rich chocolate, this 2 layered cake is the best of both worlds! The top is a smooth and creamy layer of no-bake cheesecake, while the bottom is a baked cheesecake layer mixed with a high quality European coverture chocolate. Dusted with more chocolate, every bite of this is just an indescribable harmony of great taste. Packaged nicely in a wrapper and box, you can choose to have it either frozen or chilled. If you are going to keep for the next day to eat, get the frozen one. Remember to thaw it before consumption.

    Cost: $10.00

These are cheese cookies made with a special recipe and formula. It contains a layer of fromage cheese sandwiched between 2 crispy thin pieces of langue de chat cookie. This is so called the crispy version of their signature Double fromage cheesecake. Biting through each piece of these brings forth the taste of fromage cheese and a texture that melts like snow! A must try cookie for cheese lovers.
It comes in 9pcs – $10.00, 18pcs – $19.00.

    Cost: $12.00 for 1 box flavour (60g), $32.00 for 3 box flavours (180g)

Other than their signature fromage cheesecakes, they also offer many sweet treats such as petite chocolates with amande cocoa, macadamia or strawberry flavours.

    Cost: $12.00 for 9pcs

Royal Montagne is one of their exquisite chocolates. Made in the shape of a pyramid, these small delights are made from a blend of darjeeling tea and cacao chocolate.

Royal Montagne on the left
    Cost: $10.00 for 4pcs, $19.00 for 8pcs

Premier Maalu are crunchy chocolates made from feuillantine chocolate combined with wheat. There are 2 flavours to it: Chocolat au lait (milk chocolate) is mixed with almond paste while the chocolat Blanc (white chocolate) is mixed with raspberry and freeze-dried strawberry chips.

    Cost: $28.00 for 3 boxes

They also offer 3 versions of biscuit au fromage (cheese biscuits), namely: Gouda & Cheddar, Gorgonzola & Basil, Camembert & Blackpepper.


Overall Food Rating

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10.00AM – 10.00PM

Website: http://www.letaosg.com/

Facebook Website: https://www.facebook.com/LeTAOSG/

Contact Number: +65-8799-3551

2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #B1-K7,
Singapore 238801

Directions: Alight at Orchard MRT Station (Red Line NS22) and Exit to Ion Orchard B2. Turn right and take the escalators to B1, to the left in the middle is LeTAO.

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