Tsuta Singapore, 1 Michelin Star Ramen @ Pacific Plaza

The one and only Michelin Starred Ramen Noodle Restaurant has finally opened in Singapore 2 days ago! Master Chef Yuki Onishi brought his famed Shoyu (Soy-based sauce) Soba, its quality ingredients and complex cooking methods from Sugamo, Tokyo, right to the doorsteps of Pacific Plaza. “Soba” in Japanese means noodles, and chef wants to retain the traditional naming convention for the ramen dishes.

Asari clams and chicken are used in the broth, while the shoyu sauce is made from a shoyu brewery in Wakayama, specially for the restaurant. There is no MSG used in the broth, the taste you get comes from the hours of simmering broth under controlled temperatures.

Diners will find that the ordering system here is rather convenient, and there will be staff assisting you at every junction of your dining experience. Once there is available seats, you will be ushered into the ordering area where a staff will help you place your orders via an electronic kiosk.


The price you see in the menu or on the kiosk are inclusive of GST. Payment wise, you can either pay by cash or credit card. After ordering, you will be brought to one of the 18 counter seats available.


We feel that the service here is excellent and the staff are well trained.

The Menu and Pricing:


The Food:

    Cost: $16.80


After a long wait of 1hr, we finally get our hands on this legendary 1 michelin star ramen. There are not many ramen to choose from, so we just ordered their only two ramen.  This is the basic Shoyu Soba set which comes with an Ajitama egg. If you think the ingredients are not sufficient, you can choose to  add more cha-siu, eggs and noodles. This broth is different from the usual tonkotsu broth which has a strong soy taste with a hint of truffle oil. However, we feel that it might be too salty for some, so we suggest that you all should drink more green tea/water or add more noodles so that the soup will be slightly less salty. The noodle is soft, which makes it easy to bite, simply amazing!


    Cost: $16.80


Shio means salt, and this version of the ramen is actually much different from the Shoyu Soba. Instead of using soy based ingredients, the shio sauce is made of sea salt from Okinawa and rock salt from Mongolia. It feels lighter than the shoyu soba, while the flavours are not as strong too. We recommend to try this version if you prefer a less salty version of ramen noodles.



Overall Food Rating

Facebook Website: https://www.facebook.com/Tsutasingapore/

Opening Hours:
Daily 11.00AM – Last Order 9.30PM

9 Scotts Road,
#01-01 Pacific Plaza,
Singapore 228210

Directions: Alight at Orchard MRT Station (Red line NS22) and exit at Exit A into Ion Orchard Link. Turn left, and take the escalator up. Turn left again and walk through the underground walkway towards Shaw House (Do not turn right to Scotts Road). Take the escalator up to Shaw House entrance and turn right, and then left again away from the ice-cream shop, Gelatissimo. Walk pass Shaw House to Pacific Plaza. Right beside the entrance is Tsuta.

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