Great Food Under $10 @ Orchard Road

Tired of finding wallet-friendly places to eat in Orchard Road? Fret not! Now we have compiled some of the affordable dining areas in the entire stretch of Orchard Road, from Forum the Shopping Mall to Plaza Singapura! This will be an extensive list and will have further updates when we uncover more of these places, so stay tuned to this page!


The Places:

1) Jtown Cafe @ Midpoint Orchard

Notable dishes:
Bakmie Ayam (Indonesian Chicken noodle) – [$5.90]
Bakmie Ayam Cabe Ijo (Greed Chilli Chicken Noodle) (spicy level – high) – [$5.90]
Bakmie Ayam Popcorn (Popcorn Chicken Noodle) – [$5.90]
Bakmie Ayam Crispy (Crispy Chicken Noodle) – [$6.30]

Hidden in a quiet mall called Midpoint Orchard lies a low-cost Thai eating place called Jtown Cafe. Well known for their Martabak, a kind of sweet dessert pancake that looks like those thick Chinese peanut pancake, and Bakmie Ayam Cabe Ijo – a signature Indonesian spicy noodle dish.

Martabak comes in different flavours:



2) Riverside Indonesian BBQ @ Plaza Singapura/313@Somerset

Notable dishes:
Ayam Panggang (Grilled Chicken Set) – [$6.00]
Sotong Panggang (Grilled Squid Set) – [$6.50]
Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken Set) – [$6.00]
2 in 1 sets (e.g Ayam Panggang + Sotong Panggang) only for [$8.50]

This stall at Plaza Singapura Level 6 Kopitiam Food Court offers great Ayam Panggang (Grilled Chicken) that comes with an egg and drenched in an amazing sweet soy sauce. There is also another stall at the B3 food area of 313@Somerset, in front of the seating area.


3) Brisket King @ Shaw Centre

Notable dishes:
Beef soup – [$6.00]
Beef noodles/Beef rice – [$6.00]
Beef ball noodles – [$5.00]

At Shaw Centre Food Republic B1, there is a stall offering great beef soup, beef noodles and beef rice with the choice of beef types. The soup has a strong herbal and beefy taste, and a lot of gravy will be provided if you order beef rice.


4) Japan Foods Garden @ Shaw Centre

Notable dishes under $10:
Oyako-don [$7.80]
Katsu-don [$8.80]
Unagi Chazuke [$9.80]
Kake Soba [$5.50]

Not to be mistaken with Japan Food Town, this is a food court style Japan Cuisine. Situated deep inside Shaw Centre Food Republic B1, it serves various Japan food such as Donburi, Soba noodles, Japanese curry, Unagi and Teppanyaki. Genki Japan (Donburi and Soba) and Banzaiya Obanzai (Sabah Fish and sushi) are the 2 stalls that offer most food under $10. If you are not on budget, we will suggest you to try the unagi from Akasaka Yukun.



5) Dapur Penyet @ The Centrepoint

Notable dishes:
Ayam Penyet (smashed chicken) – [$9.50]
Ayam Bakar Kekap (Grilled Chicken) – [$9.70]
Empal Penyet (Smashed Fried Beef) – [$9.70]
Bawal Penyet (Fried Pomfret Fish) – [$9.70]
Tahu Telor (Fried Beancurd with Egg) – [$6.90]
All mains come with a plate of rice and some crackers.

The Centrepoint’s new food hall has brought many new restaurants into this mall, with some that are pocket friendly and scrumptious at the same time. Dapur Penyet serves Indonesian dishes such as Ayam Penyet (smashed chicken) and Grilled chicken, all with their special sambal chilli. This is a Hahal certified restaurant. An in-deph review can be found in this link.



6) Malaysia Chiak! @ The Centrepoint

Notable dishes:
Penang Fried Kuay Teow [$5.00 small/$8.00 large]
Fried Oyster for only [$5.00]
Claypot Rice [$5.50]
Penang Prawn Mee [$5.00]

A new eating place has opened at B2 of The Centrepoint food hall, bringing you authentic Malaysia hawker food. We recommend the delicious and sweet dark sauce claypot rice. There is also fresh sugarcane drink for $1.50 (small), $2.00 (large).


7) Bankok Gem @ Wisma Atria

Notable dishes:
Pad Thai with Prawns – [$7.50]
Chicken Basil Leaf with Rice – [$7.50]
Pineapple Fried Rice – [$7.50]
Tom Yum Bee Hoon Soup – [$7.50]
Tom Yum Seafood Soup – [$6.50]
Green Curry Laksa – [$7.50]

At the Food Republic of Wisma Atria, opposite Japan Food Town lies this Thai stall named Bangkok Gem which serves great affordable Thai food. It has an extensive menu with more than 40 dishes, from fried rice to noodles to soups. There is also add-ons such as Thai Mango Salad (s) and Tom Yum Soup (s) for $3.00.


8) Fish & Chicks @ Cineleisure Orchard

Hawaiian Chicken – [$8.90]
Chargrilled Chicken – [$7.90]
Crispy Chicken Burger – [$7.90]

Famed for its Salted egg and chilli crab fish and chips, this outlet here also offers many Western dishes from grilled chicken to burgers. Fish and Chicken sets come with 2 choice of sides, while burger sets comes with 1 side. Side dishes include: Fries, Onion Rings, Mashed Potato, Coleslaw, Cheese Pasta, BBQ Baked Beans. If you are slightly above budget, you can get their signature salted egg/chilli crab fish and chips for $10.90.


9) Tori Q @ Orchard Gateway/Ion Orchard/Paragon/Plaza Singapura

Bento Sets (comes with Japanese rice):
2 chicken, 1 chicken balls, 1 pork – [$6.50]
2 chicken, 1 chicken balls, 1 chicken with greed pepper – [$6.60]
3 chicken karaage – [$5.90]
(any bento set +$1.00 for miso soup)

Tori Q has been around for ages and some of them can be found in Orchard Gateway B1-11, Ion Orchard B4-53, Paragon B1-K1 and Plaza Singapura B2-03. With a seating area and a bento set menu which consists of 4 yakitori sticks, rice and some nori strips (From $6.50), Tori Q can fulfill your lunch and dinner cravings if you have no clue of where to eat.


10) Saizeriya @ Orchard Gateway

Just a short distance away from Somerset MRT Station, Saizeriya is a place for an affordable and quick meal in town. It is a Japanese chain of Italian Restaurant serving pizzas, bake rice, pasta, grilled meat, salads and many more, all without service charge or GST! There is also free flow drinks for $2.80 only! Their menu and pricing can be found here:


11) Kim Dae Mun Korean Food @ Concorde Hotel

Notable Dishes:
Bibimbab – [$8.00]
Ramen – [$5.50]
Kimchi Soup – [$7.50]
Chicken/Beef/Seafood/Fish Soup with rice – [$8.00]
Spicy Shredded Chicken with rice – [$8.00]

If you crave for affordable Korean Food at Orchard Road, this is the place to be. Kim Dae Mun offers many choices from Bibimbabs to soup sets to fish sets. All dishes comes with a choice of side which you have to choose: cucumber, anchovies or kimchi. It has quite a spacious area with plenty of seats.


12) Tsuru-koshi @ Takashimaya B2 Food Hall

(Special dish until 30 NOV 2016) Spicy Atsu Tan Tan Udon (More spicier than the normal Tan Tan Udon) – [$9.20]
Kitsune Udon – [$7.50]
Kamatama Udon  – [$8.00]
Atsu Atsu Tan Tan Udon (Spicy, with onsen egg) – [$9.00]
Curry Udon – [$9.00]

If you are around Takashimaya, you can try this Japanese stall that serves mainly udon, and some donburi dishes. We liked how the udon noodles are very smooth in texture.



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