Tea for a Cause: a Drool Club Charity Event

Drool, a community of home chefs and foodies, was established in November last year. Since then, it has grown in membership with people from all walks of life banding together to cook, create and connect.

Tea for a Cause is a charity event organised by Drool, which brings together culinary aficionados, local celebrity chefs and home chefs to indulge in a tantalising afternoon of food from across the globe, namely French, Italian, Japanese, Hawker Fusion, Korean and Desserts. Funds raised will be donated to support Camp Vision.

Camp Vision is a volunteer-driven initiative established in 2003 that organises camps and activities to engage and motivate at-risk youths. Having already transformed the lives of 1000 youths aged 13-25, Camp Vision hopes to continue to nurture the next generation for as long as they can.

Over the weekend, the Six Meals Per Day team had the privilege of attending a taste testing event for a few of the dishes that will be featured on the day. Most of the dishes will be prepared by home chefs while some will be sponsored by local restaurants, each to be sold at $10 a piece. With 7 stations in total, and each stall selling a portion of about 3-4 dishes, our team is sure that guests will be spoilt for choice. Despite most of the home chefs not having any kind of formal training in culinary arts, our team was pleasantly surprised at the standard of food featured today. Taste and presentation were of a standard good enough to be featured on a restaurant menu.


Food Display:

French Station:

  • Ratatouille


A comforting warm stew of vegetables and herbs that has a perfect balance of flavours.

  • Tomato Farcies


If it’s one thing Singaporeans like, it’s food that’s value for money. We were surprised at the generously-sized tomato stuffed full of ground meat that filled as up well and good. We would definitely be more than ecstatic to pay $10 for this dish.

Peranakan Station:
Featuring OSAC International College. OSAC is a private educational institute specialising in Culinary, Hospitality, Business and Management programmes.

  • Reinterpreted Assam Laksa Kerabu and Pulot Inti


The assam laksa was served in a vermicelli bowl that contained the crunchy green mango noodles dressed in assam rempah vinaigrette. Tangy, sweet, salty, crunchy. What an explosion of flavours and textures in the mouth! This dish ticked all the right boxes in terms of taste and presentation.

Next to the assam laksa is Pulot Inti, also known as Nonya Kueh, topped with coconut shavings, crushed peanuts and placed on a piece of pandan leaf. The blue hint on the glutinous rice comes from the extracts of the blue pea flower, which provides the cake with a natural colouring and a light flowery taste to it.

  • Ngoh Hiang


Ngoh Hiang, also known as five-spice meat roll, is a dish that is commonly found in Peranakan and Chinese Cuisines in Singapore. Savoury and sweet, these juicy and crispy pieces of meat rolls should not be missed!

  • Restaurant-Sponsored Dish from Hjh Maimunah Restaurant


Ayam Lemak Cili Padi, Begedal, Sambal Goreng Jawa. Served as a full meal on its own with a large portion of chicken, vegetables and even a full-sized begedal, this is another dish that is worth more than the $10 you would be paying. The blend of spices were on point with the Sambal Goreng Jawa standing out as the most flavourful.

Italian Station:

  • Italian Restaurant-Sponsored Dish from Meyer House: Lasagne


A family-favourite that most of us would be familiar with. This is a non-menu item  boasting generous layers of ground beef and ricotta sandwiched between tender pasta-sheets. The absence of bechamel and mozzarella , a common-feature in the traditional version, made for a guilt-free experience that didn’t make us feeling sick to our stomachs.

Japanese Station:

  • Assorted Aburi Sushi


A nice assortment of sushi that are torched on the top to give it a smoky melt-in-your-mouth feel.

  • Spicy Fried Chicken with Sweet Corn


Encrusted with a crispy batter made from a secret recipe, this piece of fried drumstick is delicious and flavourful.

Besides the above, other notable dishes we tried were Ox Tongue Curry (Japanese) and Miso white Chocolate Ganache with Black Sesame Butter Macarons (Dessert).



Fans of Eat List will be entertained by finalists leading a team comprising Camp Vision youths pitting against one another in a cook-off challenge. Two live demos by local celebrity chefs are also scheduled for the day.

 Guests can expect to go home with sponsored goodie bags and a lucky few will win attractive prizes in a lucky draw.

For more information about the event, visit www.droolsg.com/tfac

Admission by tickets @$70 per person divided into 7 vouchers of $10 each which you can use to buy from any of the food stations. Tickets can be purchased here.

Event Date: 05 November 2016

Diana Loo: +65-9688-3966

Email: diana@droolsg.com

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