Homemade Marble Cake

Marble cake is a classic common cake that you can find in every bakery shop or supermarket. It is a simple, yet deliriously delicious dessert for a snack or teatime treat! This recipe shows how to bake a simple marble cake at home, and we will use a coffee flavoured emulco instead of the usual cocoa powder.

—Items needed—
Cake pan (Any shape)
Electric mixer
Mixing bowls

Plain flour 200g
Organic raw sugar 200g
Baking powder ½ teaspoon
4 eggs white and yolk separate
Butter 250g
vanilla essence 1tsp
Coffee/coco/chocolate flavoured emulco

The video below shows the process of preparing the batter:


1) Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius and add baking paper into the cake pan.
2) Soften the plain flour by sifting it into a bowl.
3) Separate the egg whites from the egg yolk as shown below.


4) Mix the sugar, butter and 1tsp of vanilla essence in the mixing bowl using the electric mixer. Grease the cake pan (you can use a small bit of the butter) to prevent the cake from sticking to the pan as shown below.

5) Add the egg yolks one at a time into the mix. Put it to the side after mixing.
6) Beat the egg whites in another bowl, until it turns stiff. Overturn the bowl to check if the egg white has turned stiff. It is stiff if the egg whites does not fall off the bowl as shown below.


7) While beating the egg whites, you can start to add plain flour into the mixture of butter, sugar and egg yolk from step 4. Mix the flour in portions separately at a time into the batter. Make sure to mix it evenly.
8) Once the egg whites are stiff, add and mix them into the batter in separate portions.
9) Once the batter is ready, add the coffee/chocolate/coco emulco or any flavouring essence you wish into half of the batter. Quantity of emulco or essence is up to the baker, but not too much.
10) Transfer the non flavoured batter into the cake pan first, then add the flavoured half on the top. Spread the batter out to cover the pan. At this point, you can add more flavouring if desired.

11) Place it in the oven and bake for 80 mins. Then remove from the oven and place the pan upside down onto a oven grill and let it cool as shown below. This is to avoid shrinking of the cake.



There you go! A simple homemade marble cake.

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