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This is the second outlet of Hokkaido Izakaya, the first outlet is located at Tanjong Pagar Road in the midst of many other Japanese and Korean restaurants. The island of Hokkaido is famed for its land and sea delicacies that are fresh and of high quality, and Hokkaido Izakaya does not disappoint when it serves these authentic produce here in Singapore. With fresh seafood, beef, vegetables and dairy products straight from the 5 famous Hokkaido cities, this restaurant just wants you to love and enjoy the food they serve.

Menu and Pricing:











Hokkaido is famous for its quality dairy products, and this hotpot just shows how good their milk broth is. It arrived bubbling hot, and we can already smell the milky fragrance from this dish. The milk broth is deliciously sweet and savoury, and the authentic flavour will cover all the other ingredients that is soaked in it. If you let the slices of salmon cook in the milky broth for a while, the salmon will become infused with the milk. Just imagine chewing on the milky soft fish meat. Yummy!?

Thoughts from the team:
Swee: I don’t mind eating this again, it’s just simply savoury delicious. ?
M.K: I love this unique milk broth. However, the soup is a little bit salty but you can order their green tea to neutralise it.
John Smith: Salmon is my favourite! ? I will definitely go back to have more of this as the milk broth perfectly complements it.


Cost: $18.00


The Kinki Shabu Shabu is one of the healthier choices at Hokkaido Izakaya. This shabu shabu is served in 2 parts, the hotpot itself and a plate of ingredient consisting of Kinki rockfish and assorted vegetables. The hotpot arrives only with plain water and a piece of kelp inside, then you would start adding the ingredients to cook. Important note: the ribs goes into the hotpot first, to give the soup taste and fragrance.

The soup, after cooking, tastes mild and refreshing with the fragrance from the meat and ribs. It is also very light, making it a perfectly healthy choice over there.

Thoughts from the team:
Swee: Healthier option and you will also get to experience this kinki, a rare Hokkaido’s rockfish.
M.K: This is my first time eating Hokkaido’s Kinki fish and I simply love it.
John Smith: The soup is slightly too plain, maybe we didn’t boil the rib long enough. I personally prefer the salmon milk hotpot.


Cost: $28.00


The Chicken Karaage Hokkaido Style, which means Fried Chicken Hokkaido Style, is one of the many delicious sides Hokkaido Izakaya has to offer. The karaage pieces are large in sizes and portion, and they tastes great, feels crispy, and is not too oily, a perfect combo with your shabu shabu. It is worth your every dollar.

Thoughts from the team:
Swee: The portion of this is very generous  and it is very yummy!
M.K: This chicken karaage made up for the lack of protein from the other dish. I love the light batter of this fried chicken.
John Smith: Its cheap and nice! ?


Cost: $6.00


Don’t be fooled by the size, it is those jumbo size croquette that you see in Takashimaya. These thick and crispy croquettes are made of Hokkaido farm potatoes and minced beef, it is one of those irresistible sides that you have to indulge in when dining in Japanese restaurants. That savoury sauce just makes the bite even more delicious.


Cost: $8.00






Overall Food Rating:


Wisma Atria Level 4
435 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238877

Contact: +65-6262-3461

Opening Hours: Daily 11A.M – 3PM, 5PM – 10.00PM

Directions: Alight at Orchard MRT Station (NS22) and exit at Exit D towards Wisma Atria B1 (do not exit to Ion Orchard). Take the escalator (after OCBC bank) up until level 4, where the Food Court is located. Walk past it and you will see Japan Food Town. At the main entrance, walk further inside and to your right is Hokkaido Izakaya.

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