Prata Raya @ AMK Hub

Right beside AMK Hub taxi stand and Burger King lies an outlet offering Indian and Muslim food. Prata raya is a halal certified restaurant where Muslims can visit this eating place for some good food if you happen to be around Ang Mo Kio late at night. They serve hawker food such as prata, murtabak and briyani all day long. This is a self-service restaurant so don’t expect them to serve the food to your table. Instead, a number tag will be provided to you if you ordered any of their cook-to-order dishes.





Their pratas are made upon order, and therefore are hot and fresh. The egg is spread out evenly in the prata, and when dipped in the curry gives it a taste that is spicy and delicious. It may not be as crispy as other prata stalls, but this one has the buttery and chewy texture and is not overly oily.


Cost: $2.00


For just $6.50, the portion of this dish is definitely enough to satisfy your hunger. This entirely crispy drumstick is tender and flavourful in the inside. The briyani rice has this rich masala flavour that makes it so delicious. For those who dislike the rich masala taste can ask for plain rice instead of briyani rice. This dish is great for meat and curry lovers.

Cost: $6.50


The only difference between this and the above dish is that the chicken is steamed instead of fried, and is bathed in a large bowl of curry. This dish is more suitable for curry lovers due to the heavy concentration of spices in the curry.


Cost: $6.50


Swee: I like the curry version better because the mild spicy aromatic curry is able to complement the rich masala smell biryani perfectly. Furthermore, it is healthier as it is less oily.
M. T : I prefer the fried version because the fried chicken is well marinated and fried making it very tasty. Furthermore, I like the location of this shop as it is very convenient.
John Smith : I personally prefer the curry version as I find the fried version abit too dry and salty. The curry is so rich in spice such that it makes every spoonful of it irresistible.

This eatery is a gem in Ang Mo Kio, as it is a perfect place for muslims to have their meal. Furthermore, it opens until 2am on the weekends, so movie goers at AMK Hub or pool players at the nearby King’s pool can visit Prata Raya for a late night supper.


spoon 4


spoon 3

Overall Food Rating

spoon 4

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
AMK Hub #01-38/39
Singapore 569933

Contact: +65-6853-9673

Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs 7AM – 12 midnight, Fri to Sat 7AM – 2AM

Directions: Alight at Ang Mo Kio MRT Station NS16 and go down the escalator into AMK Hub B1. Take the escalator (left side of cheers) up to the bus interchange, and continue walking through it. Walk until you see an exit to your left, get outside of the mall and you will see a taxi stand with Burger King to the right. Walk along the narrow walkway pass Burger King and you will see Prata Raya.

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