[Updated 29/10/2016] Sin Lee Foods @ Bukit Ho Swee

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Among the HDB residential area of Bukit Ho Swee lies a hipster cafe with an old coffeeshop style signboard and a shaded outdoor seating area. Sin Lee Foods cafe serves an interesting menu without the usual all day brunch type of cafe food. Also, they are celebrating their cafe’s 2nd anniversary by offering flavour value bowls of Japan style Donburi, all of which are available only on weekdays lunch and dinner.


Menu (NEW):


Special Menu:



[UPDATED 21/09/2016]

As of 20/09/2016, Sin Lee Foods has updated their menu with new additions of creative dishes.



Cost: $20.00

Comes in a claypot, the big portion of calrose rice is enhanced by the bursting flavours of Japanese style curry and mozzarella cheese. The generous portion of crispy catfish fillet is amazingly tasty and definitely worth your money.



Cost: $26.00

The rich and creamy foie gras has a silky melt-in-your-mouth texture and a very subtle taste to it. In contrary to this, the Japanese moist duck has a distinct smoky taste and it is very chewy. The white sesame flavoured calrose rice complements superbly well with the duck meats and the savoury roasted duck skin.



Cost: $12.00

SPAM is actually a canned luncheon meat brand name that is originated from USA. Cut into thick strips and deep-fried (hence the name SPAM fries), these are amazingly crispy on the outside and tasty on the inside. It comes with a small cup of homemade unique red avioli sauce which is surprisingly tasty and it goes well with the SPAM fries.


Cost: $13.00

This broccoli salad is an interesting mixture of crushed papadum, orange sugar-coated on the side of the bowl, sprinkle of coconut shavings atop smoky torched broccoli with a drizzle of white balsamic dressing below. The orange sugar and white balsamic dressing complements the already tasty and soft broccoli giving it a mixture of sugary, sour and juicy flavour. This can be a healthy side dish to accompany their other main dishes.

Swee: The first bite of the broccoli brings me to a state of euphoria, the flavour is just too amazing! Torching the broccoli brings out its flavour to the next level.
M.T.: An interesting dish with a cultural mix. I may not be fond of eating only broccoli, but I like the crispness of it and the papadum.
John Smith: I like it when they add the mayonnaise, as it reduces the dryness of this dish. The flavours of this dish is rich from the mixture of sugar, mayonnaise and papadum.



Cost: $12.00

Resting between toasted sesame seed buns and fresh vegetables lies a huge slab of crispy fried chicken thigh smeared generously with thick salted egg yolk sauce. The combination of the rich, creamy yolk sauce and succulent, tender meat brings forth a fusion of amazing sweet and salty flavour. Those who are hyped by the release of McDonald’s salted egg yolk burger will definitely love this dish. Only available on weekdays.

Swee: Although the burger might be a bit heaty, I like how the vegetables accompanying it balances the dish well.
M.K.: Meat lovers must definitely order this dish! I love the huge chunk of chicken thigh which is crispy and succulent, and goes very well with the salted egg yolk on it.
John Smith: The salted egg sauce is so shiok! It gives this burger a more creamy and rich flavour. Salted egg lovers must come Sin Lee to try!



[UPDATED 23/08/2016]

Cost: $12.00
spoon 5

A large piece of tender chicken meat rest atop a bowl of calrose rice garnished with some chopped scallions, this bowl of donburi with the generous amount of meat is definitely worth the money . The drizzle of very sweet sauce compliments well with the crunchy meat, while a light ‘scrambled egg’ like fragrance can be tasted on the rice.

Swee: I love the generous amount of meat given, but there are simply too little vegetables to balance up the oiliness.
M.K: I like the unique Korean marination which makes the chicken thigh very delicious.
John Smith: I like the sweet sauce, it’s just simply 美味しい which also mean savoury delicious.



Cost: $14.00
spoon 4

Those who like salmon sashimi will definitely have to try this dish. The scrambled egg goes well with the sashimi, an interesting fusion of warm and cold food left us in awe as we relish on this chirashi don. On top of that, it comes with a lot of chopped scallions scattered in the bowl. Rice is infused with the fragrance of light shoyu, simple yet tasty.

Swee: This is definitely my favourite as it is healthiest among the rest. The salmon is very fresh as it complements perfectly with the scrambled egg.
M.K: Not a fan of raw food, but I would say this chirashi don is very enjoyable.
John smith: I love fresh sashimi! ?❗️



[UPDATED 02/09/2016]

Cost: $14.00

Their new September special is out, featuring torched tender pork shoulder with creamy house made Japanese mentaiko sauce, sandwiched between 2 halves of a sesame seed bun. The creaminess of the sauce complements well with the torched meat so well that there is no need for any additional sauce or condiments. As usual, burgers here comes with a generous amount of filling, so be prepared to get your hands dirty as you bite into it.

Thoughts for the team:

Swee: I love the mentaiko sauce! However ,I feel that it might be abit too oily and there are insufficient fresh vegetables.
M.K: The meat portion given is generous and I will definitely go back for more of this! Protein! Protein! ?
John Smith: I love how they torched the pork shoulder and it complements so well with the mentaiko sauce. But, I still love the salted egg yolk burger best. ?


Cost: $21.90

Sin Lee’s version of Fried Chicken & Waffles, made with Har Jiong marinated Boneless Chicken, Iron Waffle and a cup of maple butter syrup for you to drizzle on. Well, our first impression of this dish is that the portion is sufficient for 2. The iron waffle is made really well, the crispiness remains in this dense, rich and buttery waffle. That huge piece of fried chicken almost cover 3/4 of the waffle. The maple syrup provided enhance the taste of the dish.


Overall, a nice place with a modern feel, this place is ideal for a hearty lunch without those standard cafe dishes you see around. During lunch/dinner time you may experience longer waiting time and crowd.



Overall Food Review

Blk 4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee #01-164
Singapore 162004

Contact: +65-6377-3170

Website (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/sinleefoods/

Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 11:00 am – 9:00 pm, Sat 9:30 am – 9:00 pm, Sun 9:30 am – 6:00 pm, closed on Monday.

Directions: Alight at Tiong Bahru MRT Station (Green line EW17) and exit at Exit B to Tiong Bahru Plaza. Walk through the mall to the back of it and you will see Bukit Ho Swee Cres. Turn right to Bukit Ho Swee Link, and follow that road left to Jalan Bukit Ho Swee road. Cross thr road and turn right, and walk along the road. You will pass by a building with the word ‘equation’ and SEAB Building. Walk  further down the road until you see a block 4 atop a small hill. Climb it and you will see Sin Lee Foods.

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