Co-Op Cafe @ The Hive, Nanyang Technological University

The Co-Op Cafe is a modern cafe located within The Hive, one of the newest buildings within the campus. Co-Op Cafe offers a handful variety of western dishes, pastas, breakfast dishes and beverages such as coffees and soft drinks. This cafe is self-service which you have to wait for your queue number. The seating area is very spacious and well-spread, and is open air too.

Menu and Pricing


Crispy Chicken Dijonnaise

This dish consists of a large piece of fried chicken cutlet, lightly salted fries and some lightly marinated salad. The cutlet is topped with their signature sauce, dijonnaise which tasted like mayonnaise that is not too salty, when combined with the smell and taste of the fried chicken, it tasted pretty good. However the cutlet is a bit too hard due to over-frying. The fries are normal, the salad is really nice with the sour vinegar taste.


Cost: $6.00


Pan Fried Dory

The next dish that we tried is the Pan Fried Dory, which is really tasty and more importantly, much more pleasant to eat as it is much softer. This meal comes with a huge dory fillet, butter raisin rice, salad and wasabi mayo. The dory fillet is fried just nice giving a mild brown colour and crisp texture, it tastes excellent with its softness and fried fish aroma. Mixing the fish with the wasabi mayo gives it an overwhelming refreshing kick to each bite. The rice tastes pleasant with the raisin flavour, the salad is the same as the one in the crispy chicken dijonnaise.


Cost: $6.00


This cafe’s seating environment is perfect for chillax or studying. Some of the foods are really great for the price. There is a shop open by Co-Op@NTU right behind you can check out too after your meal. Overall this cafe’s food are inexpensive, very suitable for students within and also great for guests looking for something unique to indulge upon.





Overall Food Rating


52 Nanyang Avenue
The Hive, Nanyang Technological University
Singapore 639816


Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 9am to 6:30pm, Closed on Public Holidays

Directions: Alight at Pioneer MRT, turn left after tapping out of faregate, walk out straight to the bus stop and take Bus 179. Alight at Innovation Centre, follow the road turning left and you will see The Hive. Co-Op Cafe will be on that ground level.

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