Percolate Coffee @ Bedok North Blk 136

Percolate Coffee is a small yet classy cafe in the Bedok neighbourhood, located just a few units beside the Nakhon Thai Kitchen. It has a cozy and comfortable setting and offers a nice variety of drinks and desserts. This place is truly a gem in Bedok that bring about the classy environment into the local neighbourhood setting.

Menu and Pricing


Food and Drinks

Lemon Square and  Jarritos Mexican Soda – Guava Flavour


Lemon Square

This little cake looks compact in size, however you will definitely be surprised by the strong flavour and taste. The cake is slightly sour due to the strong lemon essence used, but it is very aromatic. Every bite gives you the nice kick of sour and sweetness of the pastry, as well as the smell of fresh lemons.

Cost: $6.80

Jarritos Mexican Soda – Guava Flavour

This is a bottled soda imported from Mexico and it is served to us chilled with a fancy cardboard straw also made by Jarritos. This unique guava soda is definitely worth trying especially on a hot day as it is thirst-quenching and also very refreshing. The price for this is slightly high for a bottle of soda, but you cannot expect it to be cheaper if it is imported from Mexico, right?

Cost: $5.00

Chocolate Nutella Croissant

This is one amazing pastry, you can’t have anything better than a chocolatey croissant amply filled with nutella, can you? Its a dream come true. No matter how you cut this one into slices, molten warm nutella is sure to flow out. Every chunk of it tastes so creamy and smooth and so “nutella-ty”. Chocolate lovers gonna get high on this…




Cost: $6.80

White Coffee – 5oz

Just like how you will expect from cafe standards, this recommended coffee is a combo of smooth, milky, foamy and strong coffee taste. To make the coffee even better, the first surface layer of it is decorated with a tulip pattern latte art.


Cost: $4.50

The food here is really good, staff here are really polite and friendly, they didn’t disturb us even though we stayed a little past the closing hour. It is cooling and comfortable inside with warm lighting, good potential place for studying during the non-peak hours. There are 2 bigger tables for extra seating outside. This cafe also sells tea-making supplies, various tea leaves and merchandises displayed on the shelves inside.



Overall Food Rating

136 Bedok North Avenue 3
Singapore 460136

Contact: +65 8259 0316


Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 10:30am – 9:30pm
Sat, Sun 9:00am – 9:30pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Directions: By foot – Upon exiting from Exit B of Bedok MRT, turn left after Bedok Mall and walk in until you see a main road, Bedok North Street 1, then turn right following this road until you cross a T-juntion to reach Blk 136.

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