[Updated 01/08] Pin Xiang Chicken Rice @ Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre

[UPDATED ON 01/08/2016]

Within this forever busy town center of the East are some of the gems of awesome hawker food, and one of which is the Chicken Rice located within the Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre. There may too many chicken rice around in Singapore to compare, but this one I would say is one of the better ones, top region of the bell curve in student terms. This hawker centre of the town centre is extremely crowded and the queue to the stall is very long during peak hours.

Menu and Pricing


Steamed Chicken Rice

For this delightful dish, we ordered a half steamed chicken and rice. The chicken rice is very fragrant with the aroma of chicken stock and pandan. Chicken meat is tender and really well-steamed, tasty with its moist juicy state and feels smooth on consumption. The chilli sauce is fantastic too with a good mix of garlic and chilli, it is tasty and exquisite.


Cost: $12.00 (Half chicken at $11.00, with 2 plates of rice $1.00)



The roasted chicken is not as tender as the steamed version, but is tastier. Doused in light soy sauce and some glistening oil, the roasted chicken brings out an enticing taste that just wants you to finish the chicken whole. The special chilli sauce adds a bit of sweetness to the roasted chicken, giving it a nice sweet, savoury and spicy taste.


Cost: $12.00 (Half chicken at $11.00, with 2 plates of rice $1.00)


The portion of food served is generous for the price, moreover the chicken rice tastes awesome. The queue is very long though and finding seats can be quite hard. With such delicious chicken rice and generous portion of food, this stall might be one of the best chicken rice that you can find around the east side of Singapore.





Overall Food Rating


Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre #01-03
208 New Upper Changi Rd
Singapore 460209

Opening Hours: Daily 9.30AM – 9.30PM

Directions: Exit Bedok MRT Station from Exit B (right side), once outside, walk straight  and follow along the outside of Bedok Mall until you see Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre.


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