UYI Savoury Squids @ Bugis Junction

Picture this: You are in a midst of a shopping trip at Bugis and suddenly you feel hungry, in your mind you think of cephalopods (squids), and your mouth crave something springy with whacky flavours. Whacha gonna do? Fortunately, we know of a solution to this. Welcome to UYI, a convenient buy-and-go style food stall located in the basement level of Bugis Junction. UYI offers various types and choice of flavours of delicious squids as well as other seafood items such as prawns and crabs, all prepared for consumption on-the-go. Similar in style to those Taiwan chicken cutlets stalls.

Menu and Pricing






Large Crispy Squid

First out of their 2 signature foods. The large crispy squid is really quite large and heavy and comes with 6 choice of flavours. The squid is cut and flattened and fried with a coating of flour giving it crispiness. We ordered the seaweed flavoured one. The crispiness on the outer layer is just nice, not too hard yet flavourful and tasty with the fried fragrance and light coating of seaweed. The squid is very springy and fresh , truly an amazing chewy experience. Note that the squid can withstand quite some tension, the crispy fried layer may tend to separate from the squid when you eat.



Cost: $6.80

Grilled Squid

Next of their 2 signature is this grilled squid. This chewy masterpiece comes in 2 flavours, the Obasan BBQ Sauce and Obasan Fiery Sauce (spicy sauce, can choose 2 level spice intensity). We ordered the one with Obasan Fiery Sauce (Hot). This item is significantly smaller in width than the fried squid, but don’t belittle it for it tastes amazing. It is juicy, springy and chewy, and the sauce tastes fantastic, it has slight saltiness, manageable kick of spiciness and a twist of BBQ fragrance. You will go “wow”, your eyes will enlarge upon indulging in this squid. Also, this won’t cause any mess without the crispy parts flying everywhere.


Cost: $3.80

The squids here tastes great, really nice and crispy for the fried squid, sauce on the grilled squid is excellent. This stall has occasionally long queues, and the walkway in front of this stall is rather narrow with a constant flow of human traffic, queuing area is crowded and squeezy.



Overall Food Rating

Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

Exit from Bugis MRT Station’s Exit C, take escalator up to B1 of Bugis junction and turn right, stall is visible within 20m.

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