Oppa! Choo Choo Korean Bistro

Oppa! Choo Choo at Toa Payoh is a Korean Bistro with a combination of Choo Choo Korean fried chicken and Oppa! Korean Bingsu. Situated in a building called 600@Toa Payoh, this bistro is a place to relax and chill with your friends or families.

The Menu can be found here.

The chickens can be ordered in six different choices of flavour: Crispy, Soy, Honey Soy, Sweet, Spicy, Garlic; more flavours than that of 4 Fingers. If you want something new or feel that you are bored of 4 Fingers chicken, you can try the chickens from Choo Choo outlets.

We ordered the FONG CHOO B ($18.80) set meal and the INJEOLMI BINGSU ($8.00). The dessert took quite long to arrive; about 20mins after we called for it. Like the saying goes, good food must wait.


This set meal comes with 8 pieces of chicken balls, some vegetables and cheese sauce. Served on a long dish, the fried chicken balls are crispy and tasty but it comes unflavoured, while the vegetables are drenched with sesame sauce giving it a savoury taste. The Cheese sauce is served in a unique way separated from the chicken balls, heated by a candle inside a small ceramic pot supporting the bowl of cheese. Garnished with a bit of herbs, the hot cheese dip (you can even see the bubbling of the cheese) gives the chicken a warm, thick and strong cheesy flavour.


Cost: $18.80
Thoughts: The hot cheese dip makes the chicken tastes more delicious.


Next is the signature bingsu, topped with soya bean powder, rice cake, almonds and cashew nuts, milk and milky snowflakes. It is served in a disposable plastic bowl that ends with a plastic cup underneath. The milk gives the shaved ice the flavour it needs, and the ingredients were a pretty decent mix of sweetness. Just be sure to dig into the ends of the cup as most of the milk and ingredients are at the bottom.


Cost: $8.00
Thoughts: Refreshing and sweet, definitely worth it.


Overall, the ambience was relaxing, and the staff there were obliging and helpful. The presentation of the food was interesting, and it is great in terms of taste and satisfaction.

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600 Toa Payoh Lorong 4,
#01-05 Singapore 319515

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm

Contact number: 6255 2023

Website: http://www.choochoochicken.com/choo-choo-toa-payoh-page.html

Directions: Take the MRT and alight at Toa Payoh Station (Red line NS19). Exit the station and walk along Toa Payoh Central road until you see a building called 600@ Toa Payoh. The restaurant is at the first level of the building.

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