Jamie’s Italian @ VivoCity

Jamie’s Italian in Vivocity is the first Jamie’s restaurant to be opened in South East Asia. Founded by Jamie Oliver, a renowned British celebrity chef, this casual restaurant serves authentic Italian dishes with a twist of Jamie’s style.

The branch at Vivocity is lit with dimmed warm ambient lighting from chandeliers, pendants and spotlights. Each table hace a candlelight and grinders for pepper and cheese. There are 250 seats in the entire restaurant, separated into 2 sections: the al-fresco area which is the outdoor area facing Sentosa island, and the indoor restaurant. There are private dining rooms as well. We were given a seat in the middle of the restaurant, facing the bar table.

The Menu can be found here.

We decided to go for 2 mains (the burger and a pasta) and 2 antipasti (starters). We are served with the starters first: The Crab & Avocado Bruschetta and Crispy Squid. After which we called for our mains: Tagliatelle Bolognese and Jamie’s Italian Burger.


Toasted bread topped with rich amounts of crab and avocado spread, this cold dish tasted a bit like canned tuna with hints of crab meat flavour. The avocado spread gave it a bit of freshness, and it is a dish that we would say average.


Cost: $13.50


Thoughts: The crab meat may taste like canned tuna, the combination of toppings gives it a fresh feel. The bread is nicely toasted and crispy.



The small version is really small in portion, there were only a few pieces of fried squid and a decent amount of sauce. The surface is fried to a yellowish white instead of the usual orangey brown, lacking some crispiness as we would have expected. However the dip is amazing, infused with garlic, the mayonnaise is thick and covers the fishy taste of the squid giving it an additional sweet and tangy flavour.

Crispy Squid

Cost: $12.00/$23.50


Thoughts: Portion is really small and the squids are not crispy enough, but the sauce makes it taste really good.




Although it looks like any other Bolognese, this Gennaro’s original recipe boasts in its thick sauce which contains a mixture of minced beef and pork in tomato paste, sprinkled with herbs and bread crumbs which upon mixing, makes it taste juicy and crunchy.


Cost: $18.50/26.00


Thoughts: The pasta is just normal, but the mixture of meat and sauce makes the dish taste amazing.



Stacked with a large piece of juicy beef, big pieces of lettuce, peppers, tomato and bacon sandwiched with sesame buns, this Jamie Oliver’s iconic burger is simply amazing. The smokiness of the beef and bacon will overwhelm your mouth upon consumption. Marinated peppers and pickles gives the burger a tad of saltiness, while the lettuce and tomato provides freshness and juiciness the burger needs. However, the buns looks like any other ordinary bun. As we overturned them, we noticed the grill patterns of burn marks covering the inside of it. The funky chips, which are lightly salted, crispy and infused with a garlicky flavour, is a nice addition to go with the burger.


Cost: $28.50 (Add funky chips for $4.00)


Thoughts: The buns were normal buns and were slightly burnt due to over-grilling, but the beef and bacon were excellent with the smoky taste. The flavoured fries tastes really good too with its delightful fragrance.



Overall, the restaurant is spacious and large, the environment is casual with a lively atmosphere. The staff are friendly and even asks if we are satisfied with our food, the foods are great and has the standards of an Italian restaurant.


Ambience rating

Service rating

Overall food rating



Jamie’s Italian Singapore, Vivo City
1 HarbourFront Walk
#01 165-167
Vivo City
Singapore (098585)
Contact: +65 6733 5500 (Booking available)

Website: https://www.jamieoliver.com/italian/singapore/restaurants/vivo-city/

Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs: 12noon – 10pm, Fri: 12noon – 11pm, Sat: 11am – 11pm, Sun: 11am – 10pm

Directions: Take the MRT and alight at Harbourfront station (purple/circle line NE1/CC29) and enter VivoCity. Once inside, take the escalator (in front of Candy Empire) up to level 1, and walk into the mall. Walk past Tangs, and all the boutique shops facing at your right such as Coach, Oroton, and then you will see another set of escalator. Walk past it and turn right you will see Jamie’s Italian.

Location map:

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